New social media sites capture interest of BHS students

Out of thousands of social media sites, Brevard High School students stick to a few of the most popular. Graphic by Adriana Barnes

 By Catherine Lemel

These days, anything and everything seems to be connected in some way to social media. From checking into popular local stores on Foursquare to tweeting about popular artists on Twitter to  chatting with friends hundreds of miles away, many students at Brevard High School are using social media to connect in completely new ways.

Junior Emily Shea said that she is a member of Facebook and Twitter but she does not spend much time on the sites. She said that she sometimes checks the sites on her iPhone out of convenience but she doesn’t just spend time staring at her Facebook news feed. Shea also said that there are pros and cons to every social networking site. She said, “I get a lot of spam and there are some really creepy people out there, but it is also a great way to connect with people.” She said that she posts pictures for her friends and family to see and uses the sites to catch up with people. Shea also said that she thinks that the coolest part of the websites are the layout. “I really like to think that there are people sitting behind a computer somewhere thinking about how they can make the homepage of my Twitter on Facebook better.”

Sophomore Kelsie Koffman said that she uses Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Youtube, and Google Plus. She said that she uses these websites to communicate with people and share her photography but she believes that she spends too much time on the websites. She said that the thing that she likes most about the social networking sites is that you can always stay in the know. “Whether it is finding out what is going on with your friends or talking to people whom you never see or who live far away you can always stay connected.”

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