National Technical Honor Society inductees recognized

By Hannah Field

NTHS Inductees

Transylvania County inducted more students into NTHS than they ever have before. Photo by Hannah Field

On Monday, February 25, 39 seniors from Transylvania County were inducted into the National Technical Honor Society (NTHS). The event took place in the Rogow Room at the Transylvania County Library. To be inducted, they had to have a high certain grade point average, excel in their career-technical education (CTE) classes, and have a concentration in a CTE area.

Transylvania County inducted more seniors into NTHS than it ever had. Photo by Hannah Field

Transylvania County Education Center employee Dr. Scott Elliott and Board of Education members Tawny McCoy, Ron Kiviniemi, Mike Rogers were in attendance to give students their certificates and recognize them for their accomplishments. After they received their certificates, they recited the NTHS pledge.

After students were inducted, Allen Powell, the co-founder of NTHS, gave a speech. He shared with students his thoughts about the current workforce and gave them his advice. He told students to “look for the good in other people,” and treat clients with good service and integrity. He noted the importance of enthusiasm in the workplace. He reminded them that “God doesn’t make ordinary anything.”

Elliott said that the group of 39 students was the biggest they had ever inducted. Students were inducted for their work in specific areas, such as health sciences, agriculture, drafting, construction, and hospitality/tourism. Those students get to add the distinction to their resumes and receive a special honor at their graduation ceremonies.

Senior Hunter Hall, who was honored for her study in the field of arts, technology and communications, said, “It’s nice to see that people honor students’ hard work in the vocational classes.”

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