Trash to Fashion competition deemed successful

By Valerie Bakke

Trash to Fashion winners stand next to the display of their creations. Photo by Adriana Barnes

Brevard High School wasn’t afraid to get trashy a few weeks ago! The school brought a literal meaning to the phrase “recycled fashion” with their Trash to Fashion competition. The deadline for sign-ups was February 11. The competition itself began on February 19, and the creations remained on display for one week.

Senior Jessica Porter thought of the idea for Trash to Fashion. It was organized by Environmental Club adviser and drafting teacher Angela Patane, and had over twenty people sign up and participate.

“Trash to Fashion was a school wide competition to literally turn trash into fashion. Any of the creative and resourceful students at the high school could enter a garment, accessory, or bag that was made completely out of recycled or reused material,” said Porter.

She then went on to say that it was supposed to serve as Environmental Club’s spring project, but that it was good enough to be something to get more people in the school involved in. Criteria students had to meet were they had to actually make a garment, accessory, or bag from recycled or refurbished pieces of trash. Five judges determined the winners from who met these rules the best.

Both Patane and Porter seemed very happy with how the competition went.

Sections in which students could enter their items were garments, accessories, and jewelry. Photo by Adriana Barnes

“I was very pleased with the number of entries and surprised at the excellent quality of products. I think next year’s competition will be even better,” said Patane. Porter seemed to have the same opinion, saying, “I was surprised that there were so many entries, and shocked by the diversity in the materials used. We had anything from softball flip flops to a dress made completely out of paper from magazines.”

Winners for the garment section of the Trash to Fashion competition were Jessica Porter and Marah Karas in first place, and Perla Silva in second place. In the accessories section, Makayla McNeil won first place, and Cristine Geer and Kimberly Thomas tied for second. Finally, Meredith Tooley took home the first place prize for the jewelry section of the competition.

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