Plans to construct art gallery announced

By Catherine Lemel

Walls are literally being torn down in Brevard High School. The creation of an art gallery in the front lobby of the school will begin in the summer and be ready for the fall.

Senior Adrianna Barnes, president of the Art Guild, said that even though none of the changes are really certain she hopes that the lobby will be changed into a nice gallery so students can get the proper recognition for their work.

Principal Jeremy Gibbs said that the idea to create the art gallery started out as an idea several years ago as a long term project for Sean Parrish, art teacher at Brevard High, and the Art Guild. Gibbs said that it was the opportunity renovate the main lobby area to serve as a modern and professional-looking gallery and space for student’s artwork.

Gibbs added that the project depends largely on the funding that they receive from the county. He said, “We have proposed that the Board of Education match the private donations that the project has already received which is near $25,000 which would bring the total project budget to $50,000, if approved.” Gibbs said that this money would go to installing surfaces along the various walls to support hanging artwork, as well as possible changes to some infrastructure items. He said that they would also change some windows, doors, and lighting depending on the funding.

Gibbs concluded, “This is a great way to both welcome people to our school celebrate the outstanding student art work that we are so lucky have here at Brevard High.”

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