Thespians, theater class produce night of one-act plays

By Brighton McConnell

Candice Owen’s Theater I class dances the Harlem Shake as part of a one-act play. Photo by Brighton McConnell

On March 19, the Brevard High School’s Theater I class and Thespian troupe #1989 put on a performance of one-act plays.

As part of the curriculum for the theater class, the Theater I class is required to learn, practice, and put on a production of a one-act play. The play chosen was “Romeo to Go,” written by Jonathan Rand. The story is about a theater class struggling with budget cuts, and is forced to put on a production of “Romeo and Juliet” in under 10 minutes. But due to certain restrictions regarding “school policies,” the class also must change many parts of the original play for an embellished final act. Highlights of the play included pillow-fighting replacing violent fight scenes, abbreviated narrations, and a dance party with a Shakespearean dialogue.

It was directed by BHS English and Theater I teacher Candice Owen, who thoroughly praised her pupils. “Overall, I thought the performances were fantastic across the board. I have a lot of first time actors, and I was super proud of their performances,” she said.

The BHS Thespian troupe performed a one act play, called “It’s Not You, It’s Me,” which was written by Don Zolidas, and directed by BHS students Garrett Rhodes and Dani Little. The play consisted of many short scenes, that all had different stories, all involving breakups in relationships. The scenes had many different settings, varying from restaurants and scenes in houses, and had highlights such as a guitar-playing hippie and a massive tattoo of a lover’s name. The performance was coming off of a busy weekend for the Thespians, when they attended the North Carolina Thespian Festival in Winston-Salem this weekend.

There was also an encore performance of Senior Rebekah Morgan and Junior Maelin Harris’ one act play that they performed at the festival. The play, entitled “The Matchmakers,” won Critic’s Choice, which is a prestigious award given at the festival.

Overall, the production was a huge success, for both classes and everyone else involved.




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