Band to march in parade at Universal Studios

By Catherine Lemel

The Brevard High School Band leaves Tuesday night to head to Orlando to perform in the Universal Studios parade. It  will be a lot of work, but the opportunities for fun are endless.

Kenny Franklin, BHS band director, said that the band will not only be performing in a parade at Universal Studios, but they will be leading the parade as well. He said, “We are very excited to be selected because there is only one band that is selected to play in the parade.” Franklin also said that this was a great opportunity not only to play but to relax and have a little fun. He said, “We have just finished one of our biggest competition and we scored straight superiors which is the highest level of recognition so this is also kind of a reward for all the hardwork and dedication throughout the year.”

Freshman Ellie Rudd, a saxaphone player, said that she is really excited to head down to Orlando. “We have been raising money for the whole year to do this,” she said. “We are going to lots of places including Wet and Wild Water Park and Universal Studios.”

 Rudd said, “We are playing songs from Jurassic Park that are really fun to play. We will only have three days to practice the music but it is easy music so there should not be a problem.”

Sophomore Maggie Dodson, a trumpet player, said that she was not concerned about the short time to practice. She said, “The music is really easy and the drumline has had a little more time only because they have to learn different beats.” She said that she was also looking forward to going to all the parks. She said, “We are headed Island of Adventures on Friday and we will be spending the whole day there.”

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