Brevard High School ranked 35th in the state

By Catherine Lemel

Brevard High School has been recognized for many things, but being ranked as the thirty-fifth school in the state out of charter, public and private schools, is something students and staff can get excited about.

The score was based on a number of things such as end of course test scores and AP test enrollment and AP test passing grades. Brevard High also received a silver medal for college preparedness.

Jeremy Gibbs, principal at Brevard High, said that this was a great honor for the school. He said, “This is a great tribute to the students and staff and our expectations of high academic standards and that knowing the level of performance of some of the student in BHS, I was not surprised to see us on the list.” Gibbs said, however, that this is not a full measure of Brevard High’s achievements. He said, “I want to be careful to not put too much emphasis on the standardized tests because we are much more than test scores.”

With the school year wrapping up and exams in the near future, Gibbs acknowledged that this news came at a great time. He said, “It is around the end of year and with tensions running high, it is easy to focus on the negative aspects of everything. This award brings to light that this school is still indeed a excellent school and gives it the recognition that it deserves.”

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