33 students inducted into World Languages National Honor Society

33 juniors and seniors from both French and Spanish classes were inducted.

By Hannah Field

On Wednesday, May 8, 33 juniors and seniors were inducted into the World Languages Honor Society.

The requirements for induction were that the student took three foreign language classes with a combined GPA of 3.1 and an overall GPA of 2.9. Students from both French and Spanish classes were inducted.

Foreign language teachers Charisma Arbogast, Claire Desmelik, and Kathryn Bailey directed the ceremony. Desmelik and Bailey spoke about the accomplishments of the inductees and the benefits of foreign language learning. Arbogast placed the tassels around the necks of graduating seniors after their names were called. The juniors will receive their tassels next year.

Desmelik thought it is important to have a World Languages Honor Society at Brevard High School. She said, “It’s really nice to honor the students who have excelled in languages, they deserve that.”

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