Colorado Legalizes Mary Jane

Colorado Legalizes Mary Jane

By Brittany Woods

Colorado became the first place in the United States to legalize the recreational smoking of marijuana as of Jan. 1. Colorado expects their economy to benefit, but the new law does not give smokers free reign when “firing up”.

It is estimated the selling of marijuana will increase Colorado’s economy by $200 million in the coming year. Marijuana has one of the highest tax rates of any consumable product in Colorado.

With the economic benefit, other states such as Hawaii, R.I. and Md. are likely to follow suit soon. Washington state has already legalized marijuana and is planning on selling it later this year.

Colorado has allowed residents 21 and older to buy up to one ounce of marijuana at a time, and nonresidents can purchase up to a quarter ounce. Consumers can grow up to six marijuana plants in their home as long as the plants are locked up indoors.

Marijuana consumers in Colorado can receive a DUI if driving with more than 5 nanograms of active THC in their system. Anyone in between the ages of 18 and 21 caught with marijuana will receive fines but will not be sentenced to jail time. Residents under the age of 18 caught with marijuana can receive a punishment of juvenile detention instead of jail.

Marijuana shops are not everywhere in Colorado. Colorado Springs actually banned the opening of marijuana shops as well as smoking marijuana in public.


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