The Rodeway Inn on its Way Out

By Brittany Woods

The Rodeway Inn, home to many individuals and families, was sold for 2.2 million dollars on February 28. Located next to the Clock of Brevard & Asheville Highway, the Inn is slowly being cleared out by moving trucks and cars resulting in dozens of empty rooms with only a mattress or chair left behind.

The selling of the Rodeway Inn has tenants worried about what their future holds once the lights go out and water is no longer working. The tenants were not informed of the Rodeway Inn being sold to Tennessee partners.

Current tenant and Brevard citizen Joe Workman states “They (the residents) were told on March 2 to be out the next day. Most everyone there (living at the Rodeway Inn) is either on low-income situations, living on disability, or they’re drawing from social security. There are a lot of people unable to travel because they do not have transportation.”

Currently, April 5 is the last day tenants can reside at the Inn.

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