Student-run club welcomes all

by: Kyra Nakagawa

Students have created and continue running a safe space for anyone in Brevard High School. The Acceptance Club is run by president Maggie Roth, vice president Kyle Tinsley, and treasurer Tucker Foster.

 The Acceptance Club has been running for three years and was started by former graduate Raven Owen in 2011 for her senior project.

“We continue this club because we want to start this revolution in Brevard… that will open people’s minds,” said Roth.

The Acceptance Club also hopes “to be a support system for anyone,” said Roth. “We want to raise positive awareness for the LGBTQ community.”

Tinsley said another goal of the group is to raise money for the Trevor Project, a national project for crisis intervention and suicide prevention aimed towards young people in the LGBTQ community.

This school year will be the first where the club runs year-round, and the number of members has increased from three members to nearly fifteen members attending each meeting.

“Kids at BHS need a place to go when they need people who can be friendly and kind,” Tinsley said, “and the Trevor Project, as well as many other foundations and projects, need the support and funding.”

Students interested in participating can meet in Ms. Dodson’s room on Thursdays during tutorial A.

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