Looking your best on portrait day

by Bailey Shuler

Portraits of students comprise the yearbook and immortalize students' smiles and personalities.

Portraits of students comprise the yearbook and immortalize students’ smiles and personalities.

Nobody likes to open the yearbook to find their mugshot has been put in print for the whole school and posterity to see.

Picture Day can creep up pretty fast and the date is often unclear or forgotten about. BHS students smile for the camera on Friday, October 3.

 Here are some tips for looking decent in pictures.

  • Smile Genuinely! Saying cheese on the count of three can make your smile look pretty…well…cheesy. Try to think of something funny that will bring on a natural smile. Putting your tongue against your front teeth can help prevent your smile from turning into a big goofy grin.

  • Chill. Don’t try to do anything weird with your face because tension can often be seen in photos. Just relax!

  • Don’t Plaster Your Face In Makeup! Though makeup is meant to enhance your appearance, too much can do quite the opposite. Just control yourself.

Did you know one of the big reasons that salespeople are thought of as sleazy and untrustworthy is because of their fake smiles? Keep it real Oct. 3.


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