Students work to fight pediatric brain tumors

by Kyra Nakagawarent-a-student2 single card

Students of Brevard High School will work to raise money to help a local child diagnosed with brain tumors.

On November 22, students will rent their labor around the community to donate to Eblen Charities on behalf of Holmes Desmelik, son of singer-songwriter Dave Desmelik and BHS Spanish teacher Clare Desmelik.  Holmes has been diagnosed with pediatric brain tumors and will be meeting with specialists in the near future.

Through the Rent-A-Student program, students will help residents and businesses with outdoor work and beautification projects for $25 per hour. However, students will not be able to climb ladders or work with power cutting tools such as chainsaws and the like.

All proceeds will go to Eblen Charities. Community members may request student workers by accessing the link on the Brevard High School website,, or contact teacher Angela Patane at 828.884.4103 ext. 719.

Interested students may sign up to volunteer by seeing Amanda Lippard in room 502.



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