New Chromebooks for students

by: Katie Russell

Brevard High School students are getting brand new Chromebooks. They will be handed out on Wednesday, October 29. Seniors will receive first priority, specifically seniors with English. The math wing will be the next department to receive their Chromebooks. The goal is to have all the Chromebooks distributed by Friday, October 31.

In order for students to get the new Chromebook, the current Chromebook and its charger has to be turned in. All outstanding fees must be paid to the library before the new machine is given to the student. The old Chromebook will be collected regardless of whether or not the charger is present, but students will not receive the new Chromebook to use until the charger is turned into the Media Center. Chargers can be turned in first thing in the morning, or during tutorial B during SMART lunch.

The old Chromebooks currently in circulation are no longer manufactured and due to the high breakage rate, meaning Brevard High School can no longer get the parts to fix them. In order to remedy this problem, new machines were bought. The new machines have a thirteen inch screen, and are supposed to be much sturdier so they will not be as likely to break.. They are heavier, but they are newer machine that has a faster processor.

New Chromebooks are being given to students this quarter instead of next semester because a manufacturer in Minnesota wants to buy the Chromebooks for $60,000, but they want them immediately. Mr. Wahus will be around classrooms throughout this week in order to collect old Chromebooks and distribute new ones to students.

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