Community marches to the polls for education

By Ashley Ramer

 Transylvania County Association of Educators hosted a Public Education rally and march to the polls this past Monday. More than 50 pubic education supporters attended to express their concerns about the state of schools.

According to a survey taken by the WTVD, North Carolina has been ranked the number one worst state for teachers. Studies have found the North Carolina has the lowest teacher salary across the country. Many teachers have resorted to moving to other states for higher pay.

The Transylvania County Association of Educators is very concerned about North Carolina’s public schools and the money provided to them by the state.

“It is not much money for what is expected of teachers,” said attendee Renee Pagano, an English teacher at Brevard Middle School. “Every single person here is working very hard.  Our students are well prepared for the future.”

“The teachers aren’t paid well enough to provide for their families,” said attendee Kyle Tinsley, sophomore.

Teachers’ salaries are only one of the many problems in the public school system. The state provides very little money for much needed supplies, such as colored pencils, paper and updated textbooks. After buying those supplies, there’s even less money left for the school to take students on field trips.

Since funding is so low, a lot of teachers buy their students’ supplies with money out of their own pocket.

“My school provides some and I supply a lot,” said Pagano.

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