Money For Animals

One of the donation jars awaits money in the front office.

One of the donation jars awaits money in the front office.

by Alexandra Brewer

At Brevard High School, a program called “Money for Animals” is currently going on, in hopes of raising money for the local animal shelter. The program was started by senior, Tiffany McCall for her senior project.

In a direct quote from Tiffany, she stated: “I wanted to give back to the community. The best way I thought about giving back was helping out with the animal shelter because their always in need for help.”

The goal of this project is to raise money for the Brevard Animal Shelter, specifically for bedding for the dogs. The bedding at the animal shelter is not government-regulated and they had to be taken away. Every penny of the money raised will go to the shelter.

There are several jars labeled “Money for Animals” in several rooms throughout the school, including Ms. Hendricks, Ms. Demeliks, Ms. Thompson, Ms. Williams, Ms. Owns, and there is one in the front office as well.

There will be a benefit on November 22, at the Recreation Center from 2-5 PM. All of the proceed will go towards the animal shelter, and there will also be a silent auction to raise as much money as possible. Tiffany will be accepting donations until the end of the project, which is the end of the semester.

Laura Patch, an Earth and Environmental Science teacher at Brevard High School, is quite pleased with this idea, stating that it is a wonderful way to give back to the community and for a great cause. She hopes Tiffany will continue to receive donations.

Tiffany greatly appreciates any advertising and assistance with her project, and hopes to start a year-long program that goes beyond just school limits.

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