Food donations accepted in return for waffles

By Beth DeMoss

“Thoughtful for Waffles,” a food drive to benefit the Sharing House, recently wrapped up. The goal for BHS was to donate 1500 pounds of food.

Student council members collected donations every week and tallied the points. The first period with the most points won a waffle house breakfast, which will be served on December 5, and classes with 100+ points were entered in a drawing to win treats as well.

There were many items students could bring in for points. High protein items like baked beans, kidney beans, and pinto beans were worth 3 points; other canned goods were 2  points; and miscellaneous pantry goods were worth 1 point.

Teachers also participated by bringing in toothbrushes for 1 point, toothpaste and shampoo for 2 points, and feminine hygiene products, dish detergent, and laundry detergent for 3 points.

McDaris’s first period won the overall competition, while Licht’s class won a doughnut breakfast as runner up.

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