Ladies’ soccer team begins workouts

by Ashley Roof

The Brevard High School ladies’ soccer team is getting ready for their upcoming season. Girls soccer is in the spring, but they are preparing for their season 4 months early to ready themselves for the intense sport. Last soccer season the Lady Devils started their workouts in February, but senior Catherine Lemel thought it would benefit the team more to start working out earlier. Lemel hopes the team will be more like a family, not just teammates.

Sophomore Michaela Meece, who played JV soccer last year, said that soccer workouts help out a lot for people like her who have not done much since last season. Meece is confident the team can win some more games this season.

Sophomore Samantha Baughman, also a former JV player, thinks soccer workouts help because the players are not only getting in shape for next season, but they are also able to get to know each other better. Baughman said that being fit before the season is important so the team will be able to live up to their potential.

Junior Bailey Bartlett agrees workouts help with conditioning and team bonding.

Junior Kallie Taylor, a JV player last year, said that she loves the sport and has played since she was little. She likes being part of a team because they become like a second family to her. Taylor believes preparing a lot earlier than last year will help the team be better mentally and physically prepared.


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