Fire Safety

by Caroline Goins

Fifty-seven percent of all child fire deaths occur to children of four and younger.  In 2013, there were 1,240,000 fires reported in the U.S.  Of those fires, 3,240 deaths and 15,925 injuries occurred.

It is important to have fire drills at school to help prepare students.  Fire drills are usually held once a month at school.

It is just as important to be prepared at home by having a family escape plan.  Some other ways to be safe include installing smoke alarms and being careful when cooking.  When using smoke alarms, it is important to change the batteries twice a year, and it is much safer to put one in every room rather than just one.

Some recommended fire safety equipment for a homeowner is a safety ladder if living in a multi-level home, smoke alarms, a fire extinguisher, sprinklers, and a fire-resistant locking safe to protect valuables.

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