Harsh winter needs many precautions

by Julia Gurley

This winter is predicted to hit hard, so proper winter clothing and preparation will be a must. Around eight inches of snow is expected in Brevard this year, so investing in a snow shovel is wise.

In the event of a power outage, emergency services are not needed. Unless someone has been injured, there is no need to call. If there are power lines that have fallen, however, 911 and the utility services may need to be notified.

If a power outage occurs, major appliances need to be unplugged. When the power comes back on, they may create a drain or power surge, which could harm sensitive equipment. Turning off computers, TVs, stereos, and other electronic equipment that is not in use will also aid in preventing a power surge when electricity is restored.  However, leaving a light on can be an indicator of power restoration. 

Using a battery-powered radio can be an indicator of power restoration. Checking it on the hour is wise for keeping up with the most recent news.

Some supplies are essential to survive a harsh winter storm. If these items are kept in an easy-access location, they will be helpful in the middle of a big storm. These supplies include:

  • flashlights

  • battery-operated radio

  • emergency non-perishable foods

  • non-electric can opener

  • bottled water

  • blankets/sleeping bags

  • first aid kit

Keeping warm in a harsh winter is key, and should a major snowstorm occur, staying safe and off of the roads is vital.

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