North Carolina, Worst State for Teachers

By Ashari Arkansas

Most people do not pick what they go to collage for and what they want to do based on the amount of money they will receive. However, that does not make it right to pay teachers such low salaries, especially for a profession that makes such an impact in young peoples lifes.

North Carolina is rated as the worst out of fifty states for opportunity and competition rank, and it is forty-sixth in academic and work environment. This is very upsetting to most people that live in North Carolina. The teachers and people of North Carolina have formed many rallies and other protests to get others to join and help the movement to get teachers better pay and more money for the classes.

Last year Brevard High school had a walk in for the teachers. This happened before school and students and parents meet in the senior parking lot to listen to a speech  and to sign a petition  that was being passed around to help keep classroom sizes small, increase textbook funds, and restoring teacher assistants to all K-3 classrooms.

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