Same-sex marriage receives criticism from N.C. leader

By Beth DeMoss

On October 10, gay marriage was legalized in North Carolina.

1.3 million people, or 60%, voted for the ban of same-sex marriage in May 2012. The courts  have declared the ban of same-sex marriage unconstitutional in 30 states, including North Carolina.

The estimated number of same-sex couples from the 2010 census is 18,309 couples. About 5,800 couples will choose to marry in the next year now that same-sex marriage has been unbanned and about 9,155 couples are estimated to marry in the next 3 years.

There were many positive reactions to same-sex marriage being legalized, but N.C. Lieutenant Governor Dan Forest’s was not as pleasant.

“Our people will either submit themselves fully to a federal oligarchy of unelected judges or stand up and proclaim that federalism is alive and well. I hope that you will join me in standing against judicial tyranny, and fight to restore the balance of power intended in the Constitution of the United States,” said Forest on his website.

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