DIY Holiday

by Ashley Roof

Girls love Pinterest, to a lot of them it is there whole life. Well around Christmas time teens obviously do not have a lot of money. We spend all our money on our presents for their family. But we all still friends that we need to take care of. DIY is a way to help. DIY stands for do it yourself. You could fix up a present in less than an hour. It will cost you less than $5 and some will cost none. You could find some supplies at your home, just look around. Homemade gifts mean more to the heart then store bought gifts. Your friends and family will absolutely love it.

Meredith Barton, a sophomore said she usually spends around $25-$30 on a Christmas present for a friend. Barton said she would love to use DIY because it is usually a lot cheaper and sentimental. Student body of Brevard High are you ready to start feeling crafty?

Gift ideas:


Alternative advent calendar using mason jars

Unique monogram light

Tea wreath

Iphone book dock

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