Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

by: Sean Dambax

Folks, Valentine’s Day is almost here! Guys and girls should be thinking of ideas to show their affection and how much they care for one another. Many people find it hard to find that perfect date for you and your significant other, and sometimes ends up making a mistake. To prevent this, you need to plan and you need to know the person you’re planning for. Here are some great examples if you are having a lover’s block:

-A picnic with tons of her/his favorite foods: Nothing is nicer than sitting next to someone you really care about, having some lovely conversation, and eating copious amounts of food! Another suggestion is making this meal together; this way, you can have all your favorite foods and have fun making them together.

-A fancy date to her/his favorite restaurant: This shows how much you know and listen to them by displaying a knowledge of their favorite places to go. Dressing up is optional, but getting dolled up for each other certainly is another way to have fun with going out for the night and getting festive for the holiday!

-A movie night: This idea is the “Old Faithful” of dates. Going out to catch a new movie you’ve both been wanting to see can always be a good way to spend the evening together. Another option is a stay-at-home movie night, consisting of an older or romantic movie and comfort food while enjoying hanging out with your significant other for Valentine’s Day.
These options are just suggestions, so any variation or combination of these to your liking are wonderful too. Whatever you end up doing, though, the hope is that everyone will have a fun, safe, and lovely holiday with each other!

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