Tryouts Usher In 2015 Women’s Soccer Season

by: Catherine Lemel

The spring sports season is upon us, and women’s soccer is kicking it into gear.

Tryouts for the BHS teams are being held on the sixteenth of February. They will be taking place on the soccer field and the key elements being searched for are ball skills, how a player works with a team, and the attitude of the individual.

There have been workouts held by students and the soccer coach since late January. It is highly encouraged that students attend these if they’re planning to try out.

If you can’t make it to the workouts and still wish to play, all hope is not lost. According to the women’s varsity coach, Scott Russell, “Preparation is key. Any running you can do in the weeks before tryouts to condition yourself is always valuable. Any ball work (dribbling, passing, juggling, shooting) is going to help out a lot as well.”

Soccer is a great sport because the rules are straightforward and the game itself is fast-paced. Matches are entertaining for both players and spectators. Students are encouraged to tryout even if they are unsure about playing; everyone is allowed to go to workouts or tryouts and see if they wish to participate or not. Russell said, “If it isn’t your sport, that is okay as well. But at the very least base your decision on what you come to know from trying it and not what you think you know about soccer from watching it.”

Russell also stated he is looking forward to the season. The first year head coach for Brevard expressed his belief that the team is going to play to win every match. “My prediction is that we will give 110% every minute of every day we are on the field,” he explained. “Our commitment will show in our play.”


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