Prom on a Penny: Money Saving Suggestions

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by: Sean Dambax

Prom: it’s the highlight of some people’s high school years and many look forward to it all year long. Students are always having ton of fun at the event, but total costs per student have been getting more and more pricey. Families with teens are expected to spend an average of $1,390 on prom this year, according to a recent VISA survey. That’s up 5% from last year and up more than 40% from 2011.

There are ways to make this event more reasonably priced, while still having a good time and looking great! Makeup, hair and nails usually cost from $30-$275, but if you get your friends or yourself to do it, it can be a lot cheaper and more fun.

Dinner can make or break your prom experience, so deciding what you do for dinner is important. Depending on where you go, the price can range from about $20-$130 dollars a person, so instead you could have a dinner party at home! It also makes sure that you get what you like, and it also is much less expensive.

Renting fancy cars to drive to the dance is usually a ton of fun, but ends up being very pricey. Limo prices average between $200-$500 dollars, and other specific cars can be even more expensive. If you have a big group then maybe its worth it, but if you are traveling light, it might not be worth the cost. Instead, you could carpool with friends to save money.


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