Kyle Dickey

Kyle Dickey

Coach Kyle Dickey loves Brevard and its friendly people.

by Lily Harris

Coach Kyle Dickey is a Georgia native who recently moved to Brevard to be one of the new football coaches. Along with being the new quarterback coach, Dickey is the new distance learning coordinator and in school suspension teacher. Even though he is new to the area, junior Taylor Williams said that beneath his calm appearance, he has true devil pride.

Dickey recently graduated from Tusculum College where he played quarterback and majored in sports science and minored in coaching.

 “Dickey is a wonderful coach, and he is making me and my fellow teammates better every day,”  quarterback Keenen Hawkins said.

Something that inspired Dickey to become a part of education was to be a positive role model to others. Growing up, his dad was his role model because he was very smart and coached his team in every sport that he played.

Coach Dickey’s favorite sports teams are the Atlanta Falcons and the Atlanta Braves. In his spare time, he likes to relax and watch TV, and his favorite movie is Remember the Titans.

Coach Dickey loves living in Brevard, especially because of the people.

“I was amazed at how friendly everyone was when I was moving in,” Dickey said. “They were so helpful.”

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