Sergeant Major Thomas Hall

Sergeant Major Thomas Hall

Sergeant Major Thomas Hall

by Hollis Presnell

Sergeant Major Thomas Hall is a military instructor for the new JROTC program. He previously taught at Holmes High School in Covington, KY.

“[Holmes High School] has a lot of complications in society that make it difficult for the students to concentrate on their education,” Hall said.

In contrast, Hall said that Brevard is very different. He is impressed by the community in Brevard and Rosman.

“All of the students I’ve met are courteous, they’re professional, they’re well-mannered, they have a respect for authority,” said Hall. 

Hall retired after 31 years in the Marines. During his time he was stationed at embassies and ships all over the world.

“When you work in those embassies, you live in those countries for about two years, and at each embassy you work at you take your family with you,” Hall said.

He got to learn a lot about the languages and cultures in the places he visited. He is fluent in Spanish, can speak pretty well in Arabic and knows some Pashto.

He said his most rewarding part of serving in the Marines was “developing young leaders” and watching young people without much confidence transform.

“[You] watch them, every day, just grow and gain confidence, and start displaying leadership,” Hall said.  Watching this growth was one of the best things about joining the Marine Corps for Hall.

He also enjoys listening to music and hearing music from all kinds of people. Hall thinks music is a good way to stay connected to the students, even if it is something he might not be as interested in.

Hall’s hobbies include mostly anything that takes place outdoors. He likes to road  and mountain bike, kayak, hike and other outdoor activities available in Brevard.

He also enjoys reading. His favorite books are history books. This includes his interest in US history, ancient civilizations, and the philosophers of ancient Rome and Athens.

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