Susanne Pritchett

Susanne Pritchett

New teacher, Susanne Pritchett, is looking forward to a good year at BHS.

by Khloe Bickford

Susanne Pritchett is new to BHS this year.

“I always pictured myself doing something in the business field,” Pritchett said.

Pritchett feels teaching is her way of helping students do better, whether it be in life or in school. Her high school English teacher was her biggest inspiration.

“He definitely inspired me to start teaching,” Pritchett said. 

Other than teaching, Pritchett likes a wide variety of music. She enjoys Christian music the most.

She also enjoys film, especially comedy movies. If she could be a character in any movie she would be in “A League of Their Own.” 

Her biggest joy in life is her family. She enjoys watching her children play sports. Pritchett also enjoys watching football and other sports.

Pritchett likes traveling to games out of state or elsewhere. She would like to travel to a beautiful, tropical place. She also loves going to Disneyland. If she could be any Disney princess she would be Ariel.

“It would be very fun to live under the ocean and be a mermaid,” Pritchett said.

Being in the salty water would be like living on the coast of North Carolina. Pritchett said she enjoys North Carolina because of the scenery and the cooler climate.

Pritchett looks for variety in life. That is why she would be trail mix if she could be a food.

“I could be salty and sweet all at the same time,” Pritchett said.

Talking about snacks brought up snacking on things during hard hours of studying. Pritchett really enjoyed her college days. She said if she could travel back in time she would go back to the time of 2002-2003 to relive her last two years of college. She said she enjoyed the college she went to, Tusculum College, because it was not too far from home and she really enjoyed their “wacky” schedule.

Overall Pritchett enjoys being at Brevard High School and hopes to stay for many more years to come.

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