Brandon Snarey

Brandon Snarey

Coach Brandon Snarey feels at home in Brevard.


by Garland Joseph

Brandon Snarey is a triple threat. He a science teacher, a football coach and a phenomenal person.

Snarey grew up in the small town of Waterfront, Michigan.

Snarey explains Waterfront as, “In a lot of ways very similar to Brevard.”

“I went to a small school very similar to the size of Rosman. It was suburban Michigan with highways, chain restaurants and everything else,” Snarey said.

Snarey said his favorite time spent in Waterfront was spent playing football. He started playing at a young age and played it with the same guys for most of his time in Waterfront. He said that he loves football because of the community it creates, which is the main reason why he wanted to coach.

For college Snarey attained Sagwina Valley State University.

He says he chose it because “it felt like the right fit for me and I got to go out and met new people.”

“It was actually a flatter version of Brevard,” Snarey said. “[It has] a lot of rural area, and I did a lot of hunting and fishing while I was there. It was a neat place to spend four or five years.”

Snarey’s decision to teach science was based on an influential teacher.

“I had a science teacher that was really inspirational to me,” Snarey said. “Just the way he taught and coached just clicked for me. He could teach me Latin and I would get it. Sciences is something that we all interact with whether you know it or not, and that’s why it’s so important to teach.”

Snarey in his free time likes to listen to and play music. He likes metal music, classic rock, jazz, blues, and bluegrass. He plays the bass and harmonica.

In his spare time he also enjoys woodworking and spending time outdoors hiking, biking, kayaking, hunting and fishing.

“I just took up fly fishing, and in Michigan you lake fish,” Snarey said. “So once football is over I would like to get into that some more.”

One of things Snarey enjoys in his free time is reading.

“The Dark Tower series by Stephen King is one of my favorites, and I still waiting for the next Game of Thrones book,” Snarey said. He also enjoys military, historical, and comedy books.

Snarey is excited about becoming a part of the Brevard community.

“Everybody is friendly and I love it,” Snarey said. “Everyone here is ten times friendlier than the people in Raleigh. Plus with the outdoors here you just can’t beat it.”

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