Jonathan Owen

Coach Owen explains a task to the class.

Coach Owen explaining some work to the class

by Taylor Williams

Even though Jonathan Owen is new to Brevard High School, he is thought of by teachers and students alike as an important fixture at BHS.

Senior Samuel Johnson describes Owen, a new football coach and history teacher, as “pretty fly for a white guy”.  

Fellow teacher John Hogan said that Owen is “hardworking, compassionate, and competent.”

Senior football players Raymond Montandon and Hamilton Lopez said that he is “dependable, encouraging, and caring.”

In class, Owen does not only care about teaching his students the significance of history but also teaching them about the significance of manners to bring throughout the community.

“I not only want my children to learn about the significance of history in my class, but also about respect, work ethic, and communication skills they could take with them to the community,” Owen said.

Owen said his favorite topic to teach is the Civil War because he believes students are able to see the history throughout the region during this time period and he enjoys teaching military history. Also, he enjoys seeing how the past is still affecting the present.

Owen’s teaching style, according to two of his students, Johnson, and fellow senior Daniel Revis, is “hands-on and involves fun, different activities” that help them learn. They also say they feel as though Owen respects them as students, because he is understanding about the other things they have going on such as senior projects and work. They also say he is very helpful when students do not understand by “going over the answer and explaining it with the whole class and working one-on-one with you to help”.

He also strives to teach his students basic concepts through vocabulary and engaging learning processes like group work and partners.

Throughout high school, Owen played basketball and football and also played a year at Western Carolina University. Owen’s players, Montandon and Lopez, said that they feel as though his experience with coaching basketball for three years and playing football and basketball throughout his life makes him “more valuable and a better coach” because he is able to understand how they feel and what they are going through.

“[Coach Owen] works at the school where I am able to see him everyday,” said Montandon. This is a benefit to him since his wrestling coach does not work at the school and he can only see him at practice.  

Owen’s accessiblity to his players is an asset they appreciate.

“Since Owen has been my basketball coach for a while, he knows me better,” said Lopez. 

Even though Owen is new to BHS, he has become an important part of the school community.

“Owen is an ‘integral’ part of the school and participates in everything that is going on,” Hogan said.

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