The Emmys Make History

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Andy Samburg hosted this year’s Emmy awards.


by Jackson Pelz

Music has the Grammys, movies have the Oscars, theater has the Tonys, and television has the Emmys.  The most recent one of these four events was the 2015 Emmys, set on September 20.

Hosting this year’s television award ceremony was Andy Samberg, a comedian most known for his work on Saturday Night Live and songs with The Lonely Island. Reviews have been mostly positive from critics, but most stated that his stand up did not land entirely well.

“I like him as an actor, but not as a host,” said sophomore Meredith Hooper.

To top it off, this year’s Emmys got the worst ratings the awards have ever gotten, with the smallest audience of all time as well.  But even if these Emmys made history with the worst ratings, it also made history in another spectacular way.

Viola Davis won the Outstanding Performance of an Actress in a Drama Series award. What’s so special about this?  Davis is the first African-American to ever receive the award. After be called up to the stage, she quoted Harriet Tubman and, crying, gave a speech about the amazing honor the award brought to her.

More history was made that night as Game of Thrones broke the record for most Emmys won in a single year, with 12 awards, and also winning best drama series overall.  Peter Dinklage won Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Series, making it his second win in the category for his role of Tywin Lannister.

Last but not least, Jon Hamm won the Outstanding Performance of an Actor in a Drama Series. He had been nominated the last eight years for his work on Mad Men, and he finally won.

So, other than Amy Poehler not winning, the awards seemed to go out to the right people this year.


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