Music in Brevard

by Hollis Presnell

Many people might say that there is no music in Brevard. However, there are several places that have live music frequently.

Music can be found in several places around Brevard. Some of the main locations are 185 King Street, The Phoenix, and The Brevard Music Center.

185 King Street, located at 185 King Street in Brevard, had music every Monday, Friday, and Saturday. Mondays are always open mic nights where anyone can come and play.

On Fridays and Saturdays at 185 King Street, they have planned live music from bands of all types of music. On Saturdays, they also host college football game days.

185 King Street also hosts football on Sunday, movie nights on Wednesday, and parties on occasion.

The Phoenix, which is located on 14 S. Gaston Street, serves food and hosts music as well. Music is played there all week long with diverse line-ups.

Some of the frequently played types of music performed at the Phoenix include Modern Mountain Music, Americana, Jazz, Jazz-Fusion, and Rock.

During the summertime there is music playing down at the Brevard Music Center right outside of the downtown area. For the rest of the year, the campus is used for Brevard Academy.

The festivals that take place around the year in downtown Brevard also usually host music. The next upcoming festival will be the Halloween festival, taking place in late October.

These places in Brevard are a great part of the community and are good places for live Music. For more information, visit their websites:,, and

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