Jennifer Bolt


by Alexis Owenby

Some people who become teachers have always known that is what they were destined to do. Not Jennifer Bolt. She never thought she would become a teacher.

Bolt was not an exceptional student, so she feels that frustration with grades are something she is able to bring to the table with students.

“Just because you aren’t a straight A student in high school doesn’t mean that you can’t go on to college and pursue your dreams,” Bolt said.

Bolt really enjoys working with people and getting to know them.  She loves to learn new things.  Her jobs inside and outside the school system have always involved being around people.

Bolt has three different degrees from two colleges.  Her first degree is from Eastern Carolina in social work.  After working in social work, Bolt went to Western Carolina and got her teaching degree.  She later went back to get her master’s degree.

In Bolt’s twenty years of living in Transylvania County, she has been working in the school system for about seventeen years.  In her career, she has often switched back and forth between Brevard Middle and Brevard High School.

Bolt is not all work and no play.  She enjoys going to visit her mother in her hometown near the coast here in North Carolina.  Bolt also loves going to the lake. She and her husband have access to a lake house on Wolf Lake.  Bolt has set herself a goal to participating in four 5K runs.

For those of you that think your teacher thrives off giving you assignments or making your life miserable, your teachers aren’t so different from yourself once you get to know them.

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