It’s Not You, It’s Me…

by Aly Henneberry

A girl contemplates how to break up with her boyfriend at dinner as he serenades her with a ukulele.

A girl contemplates how to break up with her boyfriend at dinner as he serenades her with a ukulele.

“Break a leg!” is one of the most common phrases associated to theatre and BHS’ Theatre 1 students heard this phrase their fair share before they went on stage for their one-act play.

Tuesday night friends, families and special guests gathered in the auditorium to see the theatre students perform in the play It’s Not You, It’s Me and a selection of students perform monologues from various performances.

“I normally narrow it down to three or four options based on the class that I am in, and then I explain each of the plays to them and they get to choose which of the four options that I chose based on sort of who I had in the class,” said Candice Owen, Theatre 1 teacher and director of the play.

Producing a play can be very difficult especially when you are working with students who have never been on stage before, however, the students pulled through and with an impressive time crunch to account for, too.

“We only had two weeks, so they memorised their lines, their blocking (positions on stage), they designed lights, sound, costumes, set, and put it all together and we performed it in two weeks,” said Owen.

Students had a variety of roles in the production of the one-act. All the students took part in the design of the production and the overall creation of it while some also co-directed and were in charge of lights during the play.

“It was (a student production) yes, I did most of the directing but Jessie Nelson directed two of the scenes, but as far as things beyond directing they did it all themselves,” said Owen.

The crowd laughed harder and harder as you got farther into the play and the overall reaction was very positive.

“I thought they did a marvellous job, I was really super proud of them. To only have two weeks to put that all together it was really incredible. I thought that the lighting did a really good job and went really smoothly throughout the entire thing, the set really captured the theme of the play which was the theme of the assignment, and the performers did nothing but get funnier and funnier and better and better as it went on,” said Owen.

“I think it is a good experience for people who are interested in the performing arts and want to go on in theatre,” said Lauren Wing, former Theatre 1 student.

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