Halloween Festival 2015

A Scary Zombie at the Halloween Festival.

A Scary Zombie at the Halloween Festival.

by Garland Joseph

Everyone had a great time this year at Brevard’s Halloween Festival. There were so many great games, booths, and food that it was hard not to have a blast.

Tori Miller, a student at Brevard High School, enjoyed her time at the Halloween Festival this year. She got to spend her time at the festival in the morning and at night she took her brother trick or treating.

“I thought the costume parade because it was really cool having the people come and play music and seeing all the cool costumes,” said Miller. “There was a dog dressed as a spider and there were some people dressed as the dwarves from Snow White and a little girl dressed as Snow White.”

Cheyenne Bradford spent her time at the festival working at the Interact booth and walking around with friends.

“The interact booth is the best booth obviously,” said Bradford.

A lot people dressed up in costumes for the Halloween festival this year. There was wide variety from scary vampire to cute fairies.

Izzy Brown, dressed as Pippi Longstocking, also enjoyed the Halloween this year. She planned on going trick or treating in Brevard.

“I like trick or treating because you get to see all the costumes,” said Brown.

There were a lot of great booths this year selling a variety of things.

Kelly Perry had a booth at the Halloween festival selling Winter Sun jewelry.  Winter Sun is an Asheville company that has been around for 15 years.  They make their jewelry by hand cutting glass, layering it,  and then firing it like pottery.  It gives the pendants a really neat design.

“I enjoy Halloweenfest because I like watching everyone in their costumes.  Especially the little kids,” said Perry.

The Halloween festival was a big success this year. There was a great selection of booths and food and everything was stellar.  This year’s performance was by Bradford Carson & John Rollins, Community Jammers, and other great bands. There were also small carnival rides for kids to enjoy.

What was an even a bigger success was the trick or treating after the festival on Maple Street.  It was very clear that people were excited about dressing up and getting candy.

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