Student Council Winter Days Fundraiser

by Aly Henneberry

‘Tis the season of giving. Student Council members understand that more than most.

Members of Student Council held a fundraiser called Winter Days. They were partnered up with Transylvania County DSS and raised money to provide Christmas presents for foster children and wards of the state.

With their fundraiser, they provided presents for 37 children and 12 adults.

Students were split into groups and raised money from teachers, clubs and different businesses around the community

“It was fun but stressful – knowing how much money needed to be raised and how organized we needed to be in order to provide the best Christmas we could,” said Kathryn Bailey, Student Council advisor.

With donations from the community, the students met their goal and raised $2,466.

“For me, it isn’t just a fundraiser. It’s an opportunity to spread love and kindness,” said Samantha Baughman, Junior Class Publicity Officer.

Thursday, December 10, members gathered in the Media Center to wrap all the presents bought for the 37 children and 12 adults.

“It truly is amazing to see how dedicated Student Council members are to helping others,” said Adria Hardy, Student Council Advisor.

After all the wrapping was completed, the presents were delivered to the children and adults. They were given a Christmas by the Student Council members thanks to all the generous donations and contributions of the donors.

They are basically a family we have yet to meet- you want them to enjoy the holidays as much, if not more than your own blood,” Samantha Baughman, Junior Class Publicity Officer.

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