BHS Wrestlers Compete For State Title

Last Saturday, two of our wrestlers traveled to the state wrestling meet to compete for a state title. Tanner Ellenberger and Cole Galloway were our representatives at this meet. To qualify for this meet, they had to finish in the top four of their weight class at the regional tournament. There are four regions in the state so the top sixteen wrestlers in the state from each eight class compete at the state title.

We sat down with Tanner and Cole before the meet to ask them about their preparation. They both spoke to the fact that even in these big matches, preparation is not different from any other match. They said that making it a huge event in your mind can throw you off and cause you to underperform. Focus will be key for our wrestlers at this tournament as they face the ultimate challenge at this level of sports and compete for a state title.

Congratulations to our wrestlers!


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