Senior Project Do’s and Dont’s

Last week on the Broadcaster we talked to some seniors about the do’s and dont’s of senior projects. Senior projects are a requirement for all 12th-grade students that challenges them to explore a new topic. During the project, seniors will write a paper on the topic and will tell about their experience of the project by writing journals. The project requires a minimum of 15 hours to complete the project.
The project can be a stressful experience to some seniors, but some seniors that have completed English last semester have given some good advice. Katlyn galloway said, “ Always stay on top of your journals, that was the hardest part for me you should keep up with your journals and write when you do something for your senior project.” Also, Audri Van Gores suggested, “ Do something that you really enjoy and you’re interested in not just something you think would be easy because you might not enjoy it and it could result into a bad grade.”
Senior project is a great experience for senior at BHS and it teaches them to professional complete and present a project. Even though it is stressful students come out prepared for college and the professional world.

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