Local Scholarships

There are so many local scholarships that are being offered around Brevard, that all Brevard High School seniors should be taking advantage of.

There are a total of fourteen scholarships being offered here at BHS, eight that are due in March and then six that are due in April. The amount of the scholarships range from $1,000 to one that is $10,000.

Just a few examples of the scholarships being offered are Hendersonville Pediatrics, Dorothy S. Bjerg Good Citizen Award, 2016 Jessie Lollis Scholarship For Health Occupations/Health Career Students, and the Connestee Scholarships Program.

One can find the paper copies of the scholarships already printed out in the counselor’s office. If you are looking for any of them just ask Mrs. Debbie at the desk and she’ll point you to where they are. If you want to find them online, and you want to print them out yourself, but are having trouble finding them, just email your student counselor and she’ll help you.

Feel free to grab and apply to as many as you want or feel as though you have a chance of receiving. The more you apply to, the higher your chance will be at receiving one, or however many you may receive.

Make sure to take your time to answer all the questions that may apply, to the best of your ability, and to do your best at whatever you might have to do. Be sure you present it in a professional way.

Hallie Thoele and Jenita Pace are always willing to help you and/or answer any questions you might have. Thoele’s email is hthoele@tcsnc.org, and Pace’s email is jpace@tcsnc.org.

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