How To: Next Steps to Vote

Recently, many of our seniors registered to vote during lunch. However, this is not the only step to take to vote. Continue reading or watch the video above to learn the necessary steps to take so that you are ready to vote.

There are three important steps to take. The first is to find your polling place. This is given on your voter registration card or can be found online at This is where you will report to on election day in order to vote. Next, you need to research all of the elections that you will be asked to vote for on your ballot and decide which candidates you want to vote for. Last, make sure that you have an approved Id to show at your polling place. Types of these can be found at Take these three steps and be ready for the primaries on March 15.

There are two other options for voting as well. The first is early voting. You can vote early if you are going to be busy on election day or if you want to avoid lines at the polling place on election day. Early voting takes place at the Transylvania County Library from 10 AM to 6 PM on Monday through Friday and from 10 AM to 1 PM on Saturday. The early voting station at the library will be opened from March 3 to March 12. You can go anytime that the early voting station is opened. Just make sure you have an approved Id and are well informed about each candidate.

The last option for voting is an absentee ballot. This is for people who may not be able to physically come to their polling place on election day. You have to fill out an absentee ballot request form and turn it into the board of elections at least a week before election day. This form can be found at If you are approved for an absentee ballot, you will receive your ballot in the mail and you must return it by three days after the regular election. You will not have to show an Id for this ballot but you still do need to be informed about the election.

Voting is an important right that we have and it is important that we use it! Make sure that you vote!

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