National Honor Society Candidacy Materials

by Meredith Hooper

It’s springtime and many students at Brevard High were given letters informing them that they were selected to submit candidacy materials for National Honor Society. National Honor Society is a nationwide organization that is devoted to recognizing scholarship, leadership, service, and character among students.

When students submit their candidacy materials, they are asked to explain some of their service projects, academic awards, and other special attributes. Candidates will be able to hand out activity sheets to any adult that they are involved with in any activity such as a parent of someone they tutor or even a sports coach. These activity sheets go towards allowing Ms. Arbogast to see a candidate’s well-roundedness and character.

Once a student is selected to be inducted into NHS, they will be expected to show exemplary leadership skills and do volunteer work. To be asked to join National Honor Society is an honor, and it comes with many responsibilities such as obtaining ten tutoring hours and completing a group service project and a solo one as well.

We talked to Mrs. Arbogast this week about how to submit your candidacy materials and also how to get teacher recommendations and activity sheets.


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