One Act Plays

by: Katie Russell

Tomorrow, Tuesday March 22nd, the BHS Theater program will be hosting the One Act Plays in the auditorium. These plays were written, casted, and directed by students in Mrs. Owen’s advanced theater classes.
Students talked about the excitement of getting to direct their own work, as well as some of the difficulties they faced. Thing such as scheduling around musical rehearsal, school work, and sickness. “It’s been challenging, but very rewarding,” said director Emily Holshouser. Directing is also very different than what was originally thought. “When you’re directing you have a clear vision as to what you want, but communicating that with actors has proven difficult. “It’s definitely a new experience,” said Holshouser, “But we got all the issues worked out early and are now just ready to put on a great show!”
These plays cover a wide range of topics and are both comical and rather serious. Regardless of what your theatrical preferences are you’ll be sure to find something you find amusing and thought provoking.

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