Tech Life Hacks

By Jody Alexander and Meredith Hooper

This week on Life Hacks we show you how to clear space on your phone, save data, and keep messy wires organized.

For clearing space on your phone, all you need to do is clear your browser history on the Safari app. To accomplish this, you first open the Safari app on your iPhone and click the book icon on the bottom of the screen. From there you will come to a page that says bookmarks at the top, and you will click History. The last step is to select clear on the bottom right corner of the screen, and then you are done!

Instead of keeping your Maps application on while you’re going somewhere, just take a screenshot of the directions and close the app to save data. To do this, you will first, obviously, open the Maps app. Type in your destination in the search bar and then select directions and then details. Screenshot all of the directions and then go to settings and turn off your cellular data for Maps to save your data and battery life on a long trip.

To keep your wires organized, label them with bread tabs so you’re not sorting through cables every time you need to unplug something.

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