Carly Onnink Receives Morehead Cain Scholarship

One of our very own seniors, Carly Onnink has received the Morehead Cain scholarship to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. This is one of the most prestigious scholarships in the state and it is very impressive to receive it. This scholarship is not only a full ride to Chapel Hill, but many more opportunities are offered for the summer as well as research opportunities through the university.

Carly mentioned the friends that she has already made through just the interview process. The multiple perspectives and unique backgrounds have already provided her with many opportunities for enrichment. It is a very exciting opportunity for her, not only because of the great honor that it is to recieve the award but also because of all of the creative and intelligent people that she will get to meet as a result.

The four pillars of the Morehead Cain scholarship are leadership, scholarship, moral force of character, and physical vigor. As a recipient of this scholarship, Carly was a standout in all of these categories even facing stiff competition. To learn more about the process that she had to go through, check out the video above.

Congratulations, Carly!

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