Cooking Corner Makes an Ice Cream Sandwich Cake

For cooking corner this week, we made an ice cream sandwich cake! My mom made one for Mother’s Day a few weeks ago and it was delicious, so we thought we would try to make it. It turned out to be super easy, and a recipe that we would definitely recommend to anyone who likes ice cream sandwiches.

The recipe is pretty fool-proof. It’s hard to mess up, and if you want more of something, it’s easy to throw it on a layer. When you’re not eating it, make sure you store it in the freezer. This no bake recipe is easy, delicious, and a cooking corner favorite!



  • One box of ice cream sandwiches
  • Cool Whip
  • Magic Shell Caramel
  • Magic Shell Chocolate


  1. Lay down a layer of ice cream sandwiches
  2. Pour caramel on top
  3. Stack on another layer of ice cream sandwiches going the opposite direction
  4. Pour chocolate on top
  5. Layer on another layer of ice cream sandwiches just like the first layer
  6. Cover the entire cake with Cool Whip
  7. Drizzle caramel and chocolate on top of the Cool Whip


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