Summer things to do in Brevard

by Meredith Hooper and Aubree Weaver

Summer is quickly approaching, and you will have lots of free time on your hands. While you may have a great family vacation in the works, chances are you will be spending at least a little bit of time here in Brevard. But don’t worry, a staycation doesn’t always have to be boring, or spent at home, so we came up with a top 4 list of things you should do in Brevard for summer 2016!

Fryingpan Mountain Lookout is a great hike, and it is relatively short and easy. It is 1.5 miles round trip, and is located on the Blue Ridge Parkway. The tower is 75 years old, and was built by the Forest Service in 1941. According to the Romantic Asheville website, it is the tallest US Forest Service lookout in Western NC, and is on the National Register of Historic Places. You are able to get a great view of Looking Glass Rock from this tower!

John’s Rock is a fairly difficult hike, and we don’t recommend it for a first time hike. It is 5 miles round trip, and is a loop. The summit is 3,320 feet high, and is a sheer rock cliff at the top, so if you decide to make this trip be very careful and take appropriate safety precautions. It is a great place to have a picnic or hang out with your friends for a little while. The hike back is easier, as it is downhill. This hike is pet friendly as well!

Sliding Rock is located around 10-15 minutes from the entrance to the forest. This natural landmark is a 60 foot flat boulder that is used as a water slide. The water is pretty chilly, from 50-60 degrees! You can slide anytime during daylight, but lifeguards won’t be on duty until May 28. When there is staff present, there are nice bathrooms and changing rooms located near the rock, and it is only $2 per person. Children 6 and under are free! The pool at the bottom is 8 feet deep and it is important that you know how to swim, and that small children are accompanied by an older person!

On your way to the forest, you can stop at the new Hub and Pisgah Tavern building located at the entrance of the forest for some great food from their numerous food trucks. Mornings bring in the Velvet Cup Coffee truck, with sweet treats and of course, everyone’s favorite morning drink, coffee. On Monday, it is the Amazing Pizza Company. You can check them out on Facebook to see where else they will be throughout the week. On Tuesday it is the Mobile Global Bistro, and you can visit their website,, to look at their menu and such. Ron’s Taco Shop makes an appearance on Wednesdays, and for more information, you can search the food truck’s name on Facebook or Twitter to receive updates. Serving a southern classic is Blue Smoke BBQ, and they are at the Hub on Thursday and Sunday. They are also on Facebook. Friday and Saturday brings in a crowd favorite, the Chameleon Food Truck. They feature weekly specials, and can be found on Facebook as well. Wednesday through Sunday is the Aloha Hot Dog Company to close out the week!

We hope that you have a great summer, and check out some of these great things our little town has to offer!


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