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The Old Maid and The Thief.

The Old Maid and The Thief.

By Declan Lusk and Zaria Abdulkarim

At the end of the semester, the arts department at BHS will be putting on its very first opera, “The Old Maid and the Thief,” on January 9th.

The opera was first broadcasted on April 2nd, 1939. It takes place in the late thirties and begins when a mysterious man named Bob, finds his way to the residence of Ms. Todd and meets the maids, Ms. Pinkerton and Laetitia. Bob is invited in and Laetitia falls for him, however there is an enigma surrounding him which makes Ms. Todd eager to be rid of him.

“We have a rich talent pool,” says Barton Gilleland, Vocal Music and Concert Choir teacher. “It’s an avenue for kids who are classically motivated in terms of their training to come into and educational environment and practice the craft.”

The stars of Brevard High School’s Opera senior Diana Bodie (Laetitia), juniors Douglas Grimm (Bob), Emily Sheffield (Miss Todd) and sophomore Iris Deyman (Ms.Pinkerton), are constantly involved in the extra curricular choral activities such as NCMEA, Mars Hill, and Honors Chorus just just to name a few.


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