Risk It For The Biscuit

by Hannah Dickson and Nyx Siniard

Two members of the BHS biking club traveled to Mars Hill University for the southeastern collegiate cycling conference championships. Those two members were Bergen Khare and Hannah Dickson.

“I felt that there was definitely some strong competition. The conditions were pretty challenging but overall it was good,” said Khare.

The two did very well. Khare won both dual slalom and downhill. Dickson won short track and came in second in cross country.  The two definitely had stellar weekends.

Despite doing so well they definitely had some tough competition. Khare and Dickson both felt there was some strong competition. Dickson said it came from Lees Mcrae College. Khare felt it was from Marian University.

Despite doing well in both events each had an event that they did better in. Khare felt he did better in downhill. Dickson felt she did better in short track.  

“I felt I did better in the short track because I didn’t crash,” said Dickson.

Even though they both did well they had very opposite race strategies. According to Khare “Risk it for the biscuit”. However Dickson had a very different strategy “keep the rubber side down”.  Dickson had trouble keeping to her race strategy at Kolo Bike Park during the cross country race.  

Both were very happy with their weekend plans.


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