Author Beth Revis Encourages Students to Persevere

Beth Revis is a New York Times Bestselling author

Beth Revis is a New York Times Bestselling author. Photo Courtesy of

By Alex Davis

Pages flied off the page when Sci-Fi author Beth Revis came to Brevard High. A former English teacher, Revis now is a New York Times bestseller with more books on the way, including a written version of the upcoming Star Wars standalone film “Rogue One.”

Writing a book may seem like a piece of cake, but according to Revis, it is a long process. Revis wrote and sent out a book each year for a decade, dealing with more than a thousand rejections from agents before one was accepted for publication. Her first book is part of a three-book series called “Across the Universe.” 

Students at Brevard High were amazed by how long Revis had to persevere.

“I was surprised by the fact that it took so long to get one of her ideas noticed,” said sophomore Bella Sztyber.  

“I’m not shocked since no one will care about you if you don’t have any experience,” said Freshman Koty Sipe.

Some students found Revis to be relatable.

“She has a very quirky personality just like me,” said freshman Cassie Bradley.

Other students expressed a hope to follow in Revis’s footsteps.

“I would love to, being able to write my ideas–fiction or nonfiction–it’s a cool idea,” Sztyber said.

“I don’t think I would be very good at it, but I would like too,” freshman Jules Lusk said.

Revis emphasized the importance of being yourself to her audience and talked about how that helped her land a deal with Lucas Films.

“When I was a kid Star Wars came out. I absolutely loved it!!” Revis said in her blog. “I got my bachelor and master in literature with a Star Wars lens.” 

Revis plans to continue to write, and students at Brevard High will remember her for her quirky personality and words of encouragement.

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